Wednesday, April 29, 2015

You Are the Gift

Nothing special to do

There is nothing special you need to do or be. Simply be at the bedside in a way that feels most comfortable for you.

As you are there in the quietness you will begin to feel something you want to say or do. Or you will have a sense nothing is needed or wanted but your presence. Usually you will find your own shy way to be there. It may be active or not.

When I come into the room even when there may be little response I speak in low tones, bend near with my head in alignment with theirs and speak as though they hear everything I say. There is a good chance they do hear and understand. I go on that assumption and it helps me to feel I am reaching past the illness all the way inside to where they may be frightened and feel abandoned.


Be there
bringing the gift of ones self
Reassurance of gentle touch

Reevaluation of priorities,
what is normally correct thing
may change

Get and receive support
think of one’s ‘needs
have a list

There is no right  way
we may make errors
this is an intense time

Guiding words
respect, dignity, beauty

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