Wednesday, April 29, 2015

What to say and do to reassure and encourage

 Ideas on how to be at the bedside.

First and most important

Trust your heart and your feelings for what is needed

Say what you need to say

Know there is a good chance you are heard

Let the person know he or she is loved, you will be there and they are safe

Say what you think would help when there is fear or the other too ill to respond

Comfort with words and gentle touch

Suggestions of What to Say

Who you are

How you happened to come to visit

What you would like to do, such as draw a chair near, put the railing down with the nurse's permission, or "I will sit by the window, puff up my pillow and sleep here with you throughout the night." “I am leaving for a moment. Will be right back.”

When you will leave. "I do not know for how long I will be here." "For an hour." "I will not leave without telling you."

Your feelings ,"I am a little afraid but it means so much to be there with you.” “I am very happy to be here". “Forgive me if I am a little clumsy".

Key Guidelines:

Assume you are heard.

Speak with great sensitivity and respect.

With touch, words or just your presence, let them know they are loved and safe.

Push yourself to be brave, but do not do anything that is not in keeping with who you are.

Please share with me your experiences, your questions and your thoughts that would help you or inspire others.

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