Friday, May 6, 2011


In silence be there with the gift of yourself.

  • After you have greeted the person, just your silent presence can be greatly reassuring.
  • Being  there with great respect and love is all that is needed.
  • Any time, listening is such a gift to another without commenting or asking questions
  • Talking can sometimes be jarring for a person who is very ill or dying.
  • Talking can sometimes, not always, keep one who is very near the end from being able to go.The end is a little like going to sleep and talking  "wakes them up" when they may need quiet to release.
  • Leave the room 10  minutes out of every hour. Say where you are going and when you will be back. Even the one who is dying may need to be alone in the silence.
I personally find it difficult to be quiet no matter the situation. Most of us want to say or do something to help or reassure. This may be an opportunity to become comfortable with silence and just being there at the bedside and not have to do anything.  May we all learn this gentle way.

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